Turnover 2017

All by road

The LOTRAFF Group can adjust to all of your needs. We carry various goods, classified in 7 categories :

– Materials

– Steel

– Wood

– Machines

– Food

– Stone

– Miscellaneous…


A team dedicated to international transports

Our personnel speaks 10 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Rumanian, Polish, Russian, Luxemburg and Czech). In addition, their skills in the area of international transport allows them to handle transport-related issues in a professional manner. They can also adjust to the nature of your products, to volumes, and to the frequency of your deliveries.

Depending on the goods carried, the type of trucks as well as the equipment needed for loading and unloading will be chosen accordingly.

Our teams also undertake to manage your packaging and fastening instructions (pallets, protection angles, squares, crossbeams, anti-skid pads, straps…) if that option is specified in the order.