Transporting your goods in total security and confidentiality

The LOTRAFF Group is insured for freight transport to various regions:

– Zone A (EU countries)

– Zone B (other specific countries, under certain conditions)

Where necessary, we can carry out a specific study according to each of your requirements.

We transport all types of special and ordinary goods. Goods susceptible to theft, hazardous ADR and indivisible loads up to category 3*.

Limited liability is implemented for the reciprocal protection of the freight forwarder and its customer. Regarding domestic road transport, for LOTRAFF France, consignments exceeding 3 tonnes will be compensated to the amount of €14 per kilo or €2,300 per tonne for a consignment, the lowest of the two limits is applicable. Consignments under 3 tonnes will be compensated to the amount of €23 per kilo or €730 per package (a pallet is equal to a package); likewise, the lowest limit is applied.

For international transport, for all companies, in application of Article 23 of the CMR, compensation amounts to 8.33 DTS per kilo of damaged gross weight.

for information:
Category 1 concerns indivisible loads less than 20m long, 3m wide and 48,000kg
Category 2 concerns indivisible loads between 20m and 25m long, 3m and 4m wide and between 48,000kg and 72,000kg
Category 3 concerns indivisible loads over 25m long, 4m wide and 72,000kg