Transportation of your goods in all safety and confidentiality

The LOTRAFF SA group is insured for transport organisation in various territories :

– Continental France

– Zone A (European Union country)

– Zone B (other specific countries, under some conditions)

As needed, we can decide to perform a specific study based on each of your needs.

We insure all sorts of various and ordinary goods. Theft-sensitive goods, ADR hazardous goods and indivisible lots up to the 3rd category *.

The limitations of liability are established in order to mutually protect both the carrier and his client. Concerning domestic traffic by road, for the DNS SARL company, shipments of more than 3 tons will be compensated at up to 14€ per kilo or 2,300€ per ton for the shipment, where the lower of these two limits applies. Shipments under 3 tons are compensated at 23€ per kilo or 750€ for the parcel (a pallet equals a parcel), where again the lowest value is applicable.

For international traffic, for both companies likewise, in view of the application of article 23 of the CMR, the indemnification is up to 8.33 XDR per kilo of gross weight damaged goods.

 * For informational purposes :
The 1st category covers objects less than 20m long, 3m wide and 48 000kg in weight.
The 2nd category covers objects less than 20m and 25m long, 3m and 4m wide and 48 000kg and 72 000kg in weight.
The 3rd category covers objects over 25m long, 4m wide and 72 000kg in weight.