LOGO ISO_9001Our quality is recognized by the certification


With ongoing concern for your satisfaction, the LOTRAFF Group has wished to get ISO 9001 certified. That process allows to prove the quality of our highly professional service.


Since July 2013, our objectives via the certification are to improve and permanently innovate the services offered by our company. The purpose is to meet all your needs on an ongoing basis.




The reliability, expertise and versatility of Lotraff Group, are favored to make a difference in a world increasingly facing international competition. Quality is our line of development.

Our project


We aim at continuously satisfying our clients, that’s why the ISO 9001 norm has become the reflection of our work and work policy.

Therefore the board and the work team are committed to always improve the proper functioning and performance level of the company.

Our objective is to incessantly improve and innovate the services we offer in order to completely satisfy our clients and meet their needs.

Our values


To appear and persist among the best, our quality policy has always been based on shared values by ​​taking into account respect for individuals and their environment:

  • Passion for work well done
  • The anticipation of customer needs
  • Team spirit


The quality of each service provision gives us an advantage and distinguishes us through:

  • The guidance and the attention we pay to our customers
  • Management and organization skills of our work team on a daily basis
  • Regular communication between the co-workers both in Luxembourg and in France


All applications are made in the spoken language of the associates thanks to a multilingual team: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Our expertise in international transportation allows us to deal with transportation hazards in a professional way.

We offer a constant service of quality: confidentiality, appointments, delivery details, litigation, registered packages, and administrative formalities. We are able to adapt our work to the nature of the products, their volume, and the delivery rate.

Our services make possible the fact of getting advantages, in terms of speed, efficiency and safety.

An annual planning of the Quality Management System is set up.

Behind the approach of defining the policy and objectives, a SWOT analysis is conducted. And an action plan is being updated in order to meet them and is being redefined through an annual Management review and a review of regular activity.