Your transportations

Transporting your goods across the European Community

We organise the delivery of your goods, whether a full or partial truck load, nationwide and internationally.

The Group fulfils between 8,000 and 10,000 national and international orders per year. Several scheduled lines have been set up. The most common international exchanges are specifically:

– Belgium  France

– Spain  France

– Italy  France

– Netherlands  France

– Poland  France

– Greece  France

– Greece  Spain

– Belgium  Spain

– Poland  Spain

– etc.

All our transport is covered by scheduled services. We are in permanent contact with drivers to ensure the tracking of your goods.



exemple of truck

exemple of truck

exemple of truck

exemple of truck



Management of your deliveries from start to finish for all types of road transport.

Our teams organise and manage the whole transport process for your goods, in accordance with your needs, from collection through to delivery. Our solutions are adapted to your type of goods, volumes and delivery flows.

We specialise in a variety of sectors: Supermarkets – Agri-food -Indivisible loads – Materials: Wood, Steel; Paper, etc. – Industry, and thanks to their product knowledge, our teams can choose the best truck (tautliners, ADR, trailers, high volume, lowbed, log trucks, etc.) and the most suitable loading.

They commit to managing the packaging and stowing instructions (pallets, corner protectors, brackets, sleepers, anti-slip pads, straps, etc.) you specify when placing your order.

Our teams take into account your practices and the seasonal specificities of each country (such as tunnel closures, etc.).
Pro-active and efficient, we can adapt to all your requirements. Your requests are dealt with in your native language, thanks to the multi-lingual expertise of our teams (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Czech and Luxembourgish).